Polar Bear Mixed Doubles Tournament

If you want to be chillin with a crew of tennis players, then the Polar Bear Tournament is for you. Enjoy mixed doubles in a fun and flexible format to accommodate the unpredictable weather patterns in Sacramento. 


Cal Cutta Mixed Doubles Tournament

Our traditional mixed doubles tournament with a bisque added to make even the best players average. This bisque is basically a free point or points to equalize the competition. This is then followed by an evening dinner and social where teams are auctioned off. Then the crowd cheers for their team, having a vested interest in their performance. 


Sacred Heart Tournament

Women's doubles. $100 per person. Includes Lunch, Dinner, and Cocktails!

Central Cal NTRP

The Central Cal NTRP is one of Sutter Lawn's oldest and largest tournaments. 100 to 150 players will battle over this three day tournament. Division range is 2.5 to 4.5 with Men's Singles and Doubles and Women's Singles and Doubles. You must be a USTA member to participate and have the weekend locked down for tennis. All participants will receive a T-shirt. 


August Classis NTRP

This USTA event includes  Men's & Women's Singles & Doubles. Range of play is 2.5 - 4.0. Participants will receive a T-shirt. You must be a USTA member to play. 


Wood Racquet Men's and Women's Doubles

The Wood Racquet event is a social game of tennis, where the old school rules apply. Only wood racquets and white outfits will be allowed. 

Men's Doubles & Women's Doubles


Oktoberfest Mixed Doubles

A blast from the past. The Oktoberfest Mixed Doubles Tournament guarantees two matches to every player, followed by one of Sutter Lawn's best social events. Enjoy afternoon tennis, and then join in on Oktoberfest activities with bier & brats.